Great infographic for Maths investigations – World as 100 people

The World as 100 People

I want to share this infographic today. Its an effective representation of a lot of data on a familiar topic. Many have seen this information presented before. This website gives the statistics in a simple list. It also provides links to earlier reports and origins.

This site provides a series of posters that present the same information and extra data in a graphical way.

And there’s always a YouTube video out there covering the same topic. This one is based on older data

Data like this can generate a lot of opportunities for Maths lessons.

  • Investigation and Generation of different graphs to represent the data in different ways
  • Conversion of data into raw numbers – what is 33% of 7 billion?
  • Compare the data from different eras – what has increased/decreased? By how much? What is the % increase/decrease?
  • How many more/less between different groupings within categories?

We need to work with data more and more. It surrounds us in today’s media. Getting children to understand it should be a major part of our Maths curriculum. Infographics like this one are a good start.