CUE13 – Keynote: Kevin Honeycutt – Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning

Everyone has their favourite inspirational speaker. Every teacher out there has probably seen Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks and every school leadership team has a playlist of YouTube videos of their latest guru. This morning I just happened to discover this guy through a Scoop-it page I follow – Kevin Honeycutt. I didn’t know much about him but I do now that I’ve watched this video.

His comedic style will keep you listening through this presentation but don’t be fooled by his boyish behaviour. He has a serious message to get out there. He draws you in with his personal story which is an inspiration to every child who has struggled and every teacher who has struggled to deal with them. Then he hits you with cutting observations about the state of education and how we can better it. And don’t think it’s all about tech – the teachers that saved him didn’t use tech; they cared. Of course in amongst all the anecdotes is some sage advice on how we can use tech to improve the learning along with changing the environment and, above all, the relationships.

Take the time to watch this – it deserves more than the 654 views it has at time of writing. (Video and sound quality isn’t perfect but bear with it). If you want a quicker introduction to Honeycutt than this 45 minute video, try the one below. Similar message in less time but not as inspirational.

3 thoughts on “CUE13 – Keynote: Kevin Honeycutt – Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning

  1. This is a wonderful clip Mark. I have taken so much from this! You really can learn anything you want today. I will be rewinding this one 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for posting this clip. I will be sharing this with my fellow teachers as it touches on so many important aspects of teaching each child as an individual.

  3. So inspiring… Hear Kevin gave a busker in NZ an $800 Fender guitar today on the streets…. Deal was the busker just has to communicate its travels to him occasionally. I’ve just shared this link on FB; he’s so right eh. The blogging on lap top at conference, keynote speaker comes and slams down lid: ‘I’d rather you didn’t check your emails while I’m talking..’ Presumed. Fail…!

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