Edmodo just got a lot better on the iPad


One of the justifiable criticisms of the iPad was that it was difficult to impossible to transfer files between many apps or networks. With the addition of some apps like PocketCloud and FileBrowser, and the improvement of the Open in… function in later systems , especially iOS 6, this has become even less of an issue. Still, in terms of downloading files on web based apps, you were often limited to photos from the camera roll. This was the case with the Edmodo app.

An Edmodo app update earlier in the year allowed access to the Camera Roll and Google Docs. This however, was still too limiting to use the Library/Backpack feature of Edmodo to upload, store and download most files.

Today that changed. The latest Edmodo iPad app now adds File Sharing functionality, both uploading and downloading to Edmodo’ s Library (for teachers) and Backpack (students).

To upload files to Edmodo on an iPad, simply use the Open in.. Function, which now includes an Open in Edmodo option. This opens your file, whether an email, a document from Pages or any other word processing app on iPad, or from a file sharing app like Dropbox or FileBrowser, straight into Edmodo and saves it.


To download a file from Edmodo, you select it from the library/backpack, select the file icon, which opens the Open in… Window and choose the app you want to open the file. Once you have worked on the file, you can then upload it back to the library as described earlier. Once a file is in the Library/backpack file system, you can add it to an Assignment or discussion stream.


For schools that are 1:1 iPad schools who also use Edmodo, this is a big improvement that will make it easier to become more independent of laptops and desktops.

10 thoughts on “Edmodo just got a lot better on the iPad

  1. Thanks for this post, I found it helpful! I am also a teacher with 1:1 iPads in my class and we’re battling with something I was wondering if you’ve experiened. I sent an Assignment from my laptop and attached a File (pdf). When the student receives the Assignment, they can preview the File in a screen that Edmodo opens for them but how do they save that file onto their iPad (or even into their Backpack) so that they can edit it? I was hoping to use this facility to send out worksheets as Assignments that they would complete and then Turn In. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Tracey, I’ve just looked at this scenario and worked it out. First thing to understand is that any document you want to add to Edmodo on iPad must go into the library or backpack first. This is where it goes when you use open in on the iPad as explained in my blogpost. Once the document is in the library/backpack, you use the library button in Edmodo to add it to an assignment. Downloading it from the assignment is a bit trickier. The student needs to use the downward arrow icon in top right hand corner of post to add post to Library/backpack. Then go to the library/backpack and select Attached to posts option in left sidebar. This will show attachments from the assignment or other posts they have added. Once selected, a copy of the file icon will appear on right with a small notepad icon underneath it. Select the icon and the open in window will appear to open the document on iPad to edit. Once edited the student can then use the open in function in the app he used to send it back to Edmodo backpack. From there the doc can be attached to the assignment using the backpack button in the turn in section. Hope that makes sense. It does work. Once this becomes routine, 1:1 iPads and Edmodo should work a treat.

  2. Is anyone else having a problem of students not being able to log out of Edmodo if they use the app? I have been told the only way to log out (with an iPad and the app) is to uninstall the app and re-install it. And I don’t have the district permissions to do that.

    • Hi, Nancy. Could have been just a buggy ipad day. I just went to the app and logged out. The screen froze and then I refreshed and it logged out. I did it 6 more times after that without a hitch. The suggestion to uninstall/install would not be a logical workflow solution considering no child would have permission to do that on a shared school iPad. I suggest you close open apps, maybe do a restart of iPad and try again.

  3. I just downloaded the Edmodo app onto my iPad. I was following your instructions for downloading a document from an assignment. There is no download icon in the top right of the post. The only option in the drop-down menu is “Link Post”. Do I have the right version of the app? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Clay, the Edmodo app was recently updated since this post. I’m having difficulty doing this now. I’m wondering if the update has introduced a bug that has disabled this feature in the Assignment section. I’m going to keep looking into it.

  4. I am also trying to get files in and out of the backpack/library so kids can annotate on pdf files. Any further advice on how to do this would be much appreciated! thanks!

  5. How can I write on my assignments on my iPad? I can open and view it but it will not allow me to answer any of the questions or anything! Can you help?

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