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I’m sharing a great resource here today that looks a must read ( or view actually ) for schools (and education and government bodies) who are serious about being involved in the Education revolution that is being trumpeted so much. In a post titled “What 100 experts think about the Future of Learning” the staff of have collated 100 links to online videos featuring lectures, panel discussions, talks and seminars from TED, RSA and the USA’s major universities, categorized under the following topics (number of video links in brackets):

General (5) – learn about making technology work in education
Sharing Education (18) – explore the idea of open, shared education
Creativity & Innovation (18) – how you can foster innovation and the creative spirit
Internet & New Media (11) – how the Internet and new media has an impact on teaching and learning
Leadership (4) – how to better foster leadership
Educational Technology (18) – explores technology made for education
Brain & Psychology (8) – study how the brain works in learning
Technology Education (10) – about the state of technology education
Teaching Methods (12) – innovative teaching methods
Institution (2) – how technology impacts the institution of education.

From reading the summaries, you’ll be able to pick and choose what is relevant for your educational
setting ( from primary/elementary through to higher learning). Yes,there are talks we have seen before ( who has not seen Ken Robinson’s TEDtalk?) but the way TeachThought has grouped them makes it easy to find something for your own reflection on education or to use at your next related staff meeting or PLT.

I’ve put it on my blog instead of my usual Scoop-it or Diigo page so I can access it quickly and remember it through a Future of Learning tag rather than trawling through pages and pages of bookmarks. Hope you find something that can inspire you and your school in your revolution.

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  1. I spoke in Florence, Italy, last June at the international conference of the Future in Education on the new wave in education which was about facilitating student self-learning. In January of this year, I spoke at the London international conference on quality management in education on ways to develop not just knowledge on ability but wisdom on capability using these new methodologies.
    I am presently initiating a global project on the latter one and looking for teacher’s input as to its viability in their school. If you are interested, please download my recent webinar, choose the second one and watch the video,

    check out my website at

    and email me at if you are interested in participating.

    It will require two hours of your time every three weeks over a three month period and your students will be very grateful that you did as you will be facilitating their own self learning.


  2. I look forward to your feedback and possible participation in the project on ways to listen to students and by so doing developing their self-learning.

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