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Thanks to Boundless and Getting Smart for putting together and sharing this great infographic outlining the latest trends in Educational technology. It helps to cut through all the buzzwords flying around and pinpoint what we may or may not be incorporating in our learning and teaching. It also gets me thinking a lot about educational technology and brings up a lot of questions.

  • Do we need this many technology based eystems in the current education climate? Are we recreating the wheel too many times for the sake of coming up with the latest trend?
  • Are we thinking engagement through technology before quality learning experiences?
  • Are we risking the failure to achieve great success in education through technology by adopting too many ideas before we truly understand their benefits?
  • Do we need to slow down, consolidate the best of the ideas and make sure what we are doing is actually beneficial?

Education buzzwords have for a long time driven me insane as we spend our lives in schools latching on to phrase after phrase that tries to make us sound more knowledgeable without actually being more knowledgeable. I fear sometimes us “tech geeks” in schools ( definitely me included) are getting caught in the same trap as we move from one innovation to the next just to look more tech savvy than the next guy.  This is a long list of edtech trends and pedagogies. It can seem quite daunting to the uninitiated and we can scare them off trying something really useful if keep pushing for more change.

Clearly from reading this blog, you would know I have great hopes for the impact educational technology can have on learning and teaching. It’s why I’m just as keen for it to be thought through, not rushed through. There are some great ideas on this list. But we don’t need to try them all.


3 thoughts on “Educational Technology Buzzwords

  1. A great read. Thanks for giving a thoughtful interpretation of where we are heading in this current rush of cameleon technology upon us. Someone said “all work and no play -makes Jack a dull boy” but “all play and no work- makes Mary a silly girl”. I think you set a good balance to follow as us teachers are being tugged in all sorts of playful directions just to keep our students happy.

  2. It’s amazing how technology changed the trends in learning. Computers are vital nowadays for studying. But it should always be considered that students have different pace of learning and some may need more help from their instructors.

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