I’m ready to go!

I’m Mark Gleeson. 2012 marks my 25th year as a Primary School teacher. Over those years I’ve been a self proclaimed Maths guru/tutor, ICT leader, Music Teacher, singer/songwriter, PE Co-ordinator ( my high school PE teachers would laugh at that one) and led PD in ICT both locally and system-wide. I’ve spent most of my career teaching in the 5/6 level while also tutoring secondary school students in Maths.I’ve also clocked up over 50 Sacrament masses as Music leader and attended 30 school camps as official token male teacher at my schools!

I have an undying passion for improving Mathematical understanding in teachers and students everywhere. I have also become a crusader for Web tools in schools to inspire greater learning in today’s tech-intensive world. I worship at the altar of Apple AND Jesus and find time outside of school to be a pretty good Dad as well.

This is my first attempt at blogging. I want to write about iPads in schools ( a crowded blogosphere there) from real world experience. I want to share how Web tools can change education. I want to write what I believe ( not what I’m expected to believe ), hopefully by thinking before I post. I want to get our students inspired to write by blogging themselves so they can see writing has a real purpose beyond file books and NAPLAN assessments! I want to inspire and encourage my own colleagues ( and hopefully others outside my school ) to take a chance and think outside the comfort zone of the 20th Century where I began my life as a teacher.

Of course I may just end up writing stuff that only I’m interested in but you have to start somewhere. Hope you enjoy the ride!

P.S. For those who are referring to me in their own blogs, I’m not from the UK. I’m Australian!


10 thoughts on “I’m ready to go!

  1. Dear MrG,

    After John S Oliver, a member of the Ethos Online Community, recommended following up your work around iPads in Schools, and suggested that you would be a super person to have as part of the community, I went and had a good read. I spent ages browsing through your resources (and note that you’re just across the ditch :-)t!! Particularly enjoyed the focus on creativity, empowerment and engagement.

    You are probably wondering…who on earth…? And I, in your place would be too. My name is Hazel Owen and I am a facilitator of the Ethos online community – an eclectic group of educators, facilitators, and folk who are generally interested in ICT enhanced learning and teaching. They are based all over the world, and are across sectors, business, VET, ITOs, home-educators…you name it.

    We would really like to invite you to become a member of the Ethos Community, and have invited you via this link: http://www.ethosconsultancynz.com/?xgi=3MF79ooUQHJ0kQ. Would be great to have your contributions (we welcome cross posts of blog posts), comments, ideas and thoughts 🙂 And, I can pretty much guarantee that the only email you’ll get from the community is the monthly newsletter!! There are a few general questions when you join – partly for the community to get to know you, and partly to help stop spamming 🙂

    Look forward to hearing from you, and very much hope you join the community.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Mark,
    I’ve come across this blog as a result of a colleague emailing it to the staff. I decided to have a look and found a lot of useful information. Then I became curios because you share the name of my grade 6 teacher who also shared a love of ICT, even if it was the year 2001. Curiosity got the better of me so here I am; did you happen to teach at Corpus Christi in Werribee? Sorry if I am completely wrong, as I said curiosity won this battle.

    Regards, Nicole

    • The secret is out! How long have you been teaching? You’re the first Corpus kid I’ve heard that’s followed me into the teaching game ( about 25 from QOP – worked with some of them!)

      • Sorry! Just checked this now. This is only my first year teaching! I teach a grade 1/2 class at Baden Powell College in Tarneit. I know a couple from Corpus who ended up in teaching, or are looking at going back to uni to do teaching! Are you still at Corpus Christi?

  3. Hi Mark,

    You might have a look at our math apps – written for the iphone, but work fine on the iPad.

    Search for Mathtappers -there are 7 of them – all free and no ads or upsells.


    • Thanks Tim.

      Have actually tried a couple of your apps – like the multiplication arrays one. Any plans for universal?

  4. Hello Mark,
    While you have quiet a few years teaching experience on me, it appears we began our blogging journey around the same time! I am a Geelong teacher blogging over at http://www.reflectiveteacher.com.au
    I really look forward to reading more about your work and connecting with you into the future.

  5. Hi Mr. Gleeson,
    we are a Hamburg based design company and we developed an innovative tablet stand that can do much more than just stand. In german we call it a ‚Begleitmöbel’, which is ,a piece of furniture going along with you’. Have a look here…


    We would love to get into a dialogue with you and your readers. As we see it, you belong to a (yet rather small, but growing) group of people who seriously and intensively work with iPads – and this is exactly what our product was made for.

    Do you see a possibility to report on our new concept on your blog?

    Yours sincerely,
    Kai Trebesius

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