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Feb 13

Got an email from someone trying to use Configurator at another school today looking for help. Had another failure today with configurator due to the macbook not having the right apple id for some of the apps – leftover from a previous user and I was not sufficiently aware…. So… i need to have apps […]

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Dec 10

NOTE: In case you are unaware, Configurator is a Mac Only application. If you run your management of iPads with a PC, ignore this. ( or buy one Mac for your school. That’s what I did – we are PC only despite my Apple bias on this blog.) As I’ve said many times this year […]

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Nov 02

There is no end to the uses of the iPad in education. I’ve discussed that ad nauseum on this blog. As a learning tool, it has the potential to make a great positive change to learning. The only problem is Apple designed it for individual use. Schools are designed for ( or budgeted for) shared […]

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Jun 17

Computer Cartoon by Andertoons One term into the official launch of our iPad program, I thought it would be opportune to reflect on the successes, failures and everything in between. I have to admit, as a self professed, but not certified, iPad/Mac “expert” and ‘All Things Apple’ zealot, things haven’t gone as smoothly as I’d […]

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