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Apr 28

The two above images are good examples of purposeful thinking about iPad usage in schools. One, a screenshot of an oft-used tool known as iPad As.. by, focuses on what the iPad can be used for and provides links to various apps that can be utilised for those functions. It goes without saying that […]

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Apr 01

Around this time last year, I wrote a post about the lack of engaging Maths apps on the iPad that went beyond “skill and drill” number activities. Since then, developers have introduced a greater range of apps across all areas of the Maths curriculum that can be used to enhance the Maths teaching and learning […]

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Mar 26

The World as 100 People infographic by JackHagley. I want to share this infographic today. Its an effective representation of a lot of data on a familiar topic. Many have seen this information presented before. This website gives the statistics in a simple list. It also provides links to earlier reports and origins. This site […]

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Feb 16

I had been planning to weigh in on the Standardised Testing debate for a while now. Then I spotted this article titled The four biggest myths of the anti-testing backlash and decided to put my ‘two cents worth’ in. First of all, don’t call me a fence sitter, but I can see what both sides are saying. […]

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Oct 27

) alt=”School Cartoon #6312 by Andertoons”School Cartoon by Andertoons I’ve been involved in a lot of discussions and Professional development sessions this year in my role as Maths lead learner that have revolved around the use of standardised testing and the role of data in improving outcomes. Twitter and Ed blogs are awash with concerns […]

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May 05

Infographics have become a very popular means of communication recently and in an earlier post, I discussed the potential uses for them in education. While viewing my Scoop-it feeds today, I came across this brand new Web tool for creating infographics called It’s still in beta form but is free to test out. Being […]

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